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Anniversary? Birthday? Name day? Christmas? Unforgettable present

A piece of jewelry that lasts forever! You don’t need to be afraid of losing it!

With our special charms you can truly wear unique jewelry!

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Are you looking for something trendy, unique, and exciting?

Then look no further, because the infinity bracelet is finally available to you too. What makes it so exceptional? It's a piece of jewelry secured with welding, symbolizing the strong bond between you. On top of that, you can make it even more special with a personalized engraved message. It's an extraordinary and precious gift for any occasion. Of course, we provide a lifetime guarantee and ensure high quality. You can choose between a bracelet, anklet, necklace, or ring.

Eternity has never been this elegant: it shines, sparkles, and brings happiness.


Personalized Engraving - Only with us!

Visit our salon and discover the enchantment of personalized engraving! From now on, you have the opportunity to have custom texts or patterns engraved on pendants, making this special piece of jewelry even more unique for you.

How does it work?
Choose your favorite chain and charm from our selection.
Seek advice from our expert colleagues about engraving texts and patterns.
Select the details of the custom engraving and coordinate your expectations with us.
In just a few minutes, we will create the engraved charm to complement your chosen timeless jewelry.

Give with love or treat yourself to a piece of jewelry that expresses your individuality and memorable moments. Only with us can you enjoy the experience of designing your personalized jewelry!



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A permanent bracelet is a piece of jewelry that’s made of stainless steel and has a long lifetime. The term “permanent” also means that the bracelet is without a clasp and we weld it onto your wrist, so it’s not removable (until you wish to), furthermore it signifies the values, memories of importance, or attachments of the person who wears it.

In our salon, you can find chains with various styles and variations, including gold filled and stainless steel, among which you will surely find the one that suits your taste.

Certainly! If the size is no longer comfortable, feel free to visit our salon even without an appointment, and we will readjust the chain free of charge.

Infinite jewelry, infinite warranty! If your jewelry should break, bring it back to our store and we will re-weld it free of charge!

The welding process is completely painless. We place a small piece of protective leather on your wrist while the welding is being done.

If you no longer wish to wear it, you can easily cut the mounting ring with a pair of stronger scissors.

We recommend getting a chain made from the age of 16 and above, but between the ages of 12-16, we require parental consent.

No! However, if you need to remove it for any medical examination, childbirth, or other reasons, we will weld it back on free of charge!

We accept both cash and card payments at our store.


Bracelet € 46
Ankle bracelet € 49
Ring € 29
Necklace € 69
Charm € 13 /piece
Engraving € 14
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